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Rural Alpha

Bringing Top Tier Resources to Rural Businesses

From creating a network to enabling better fund raising – Social Alpha, a Tata Trust supported organization, decided to launch their support platform Rural Alpha, to transform rural and localized businesses to reach better avenues for their growth.

Our Plan

The main challenge that we tackled here is to target a user base that isn’t tech savvy and in extreme cases resistant to tech transformation. The platform should be very accessible and approachable to the user base and make sure their resources are available to them without causing too many interactions with support.


The front end used HTML, CSS and JS including the special Panorbit recipes to ensure smooth and collaborative development – completely ensuring the design challenges were tackled efficiently in the development process too. The backend was done in Java forming a reliable platform for scale and deployment.



Clear, concise and approachable design principles were targeted at and we delivered a platform that was comfortable for people from all tech knowledge and backgrounds to use. Considering the platform could even help first time tech and smart tech movers – accessibility was of prime importance.

Userflow - Creating MIBs




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