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Org Wide Transformations Made Simple

Targeted to even the biggest of teams and workforce to enable direct and clear communications, along with enabling of the transfer of org vision from the CXOs to the workforce – company transformation has never been more streamlined. Truly an ambitious scale and a challenge that we found ourselves quite happy to tackle.

Our Plan

We approached the challenge from the perspective of continuous information transfer that is happening throughout in the digital social spheres and taking cues from this, clear communications with scalable application was developed in a comprehensive package. This could mean from fortune 500 companies where change in their vision and mission would mean a constant process of communication transfer to the workforce to smaller scale companies where the communication is more constant in the hierarchy.


Keeping the development and deployment was particularly necessary when considering the scope of the project and potential user base for each application. So, REACT was picked as the medium of choice for development keeping the project platform agnostic.



Looking at it from a problem-solving perspective our main challenges were managing the huge amount of data that needed to be tackled while designing the interface – a mishmash of interconnected modules in an easily accessible package being the final output. This went hand in hand with designing a user flow that is also simple and offers user delight in UX.



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