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Who we are

Asgard has Bifrost. Well, Earth has Panorbit!

We’re a team of ‘Marvel’-ous digital minds with the coolest mission of bridging human experience to the digital space. We love to partner with businesses on branding, marketing, product development and film production. Basically, we are the Mjolnir your business needs to grow and succeed.

Our diverse expertise and experience allow us to dive deeply into our clients’ requirements, goals and objectives. This understanding helps us put our design, storytelling and technology to their most effective use and deliver beyond expectations time and again.

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Journey so far

Think of creativity. What comes to mind? Maybe paintings? Sculptures? Some would even say music. Now think about technology, and you’ll probably imagine a smartphone, a computer or 5G?

Today, these two seemingly distinct disciplines are interlinked more than ever, with technology and creativity together being a fundamental force in the development of brands. Our story starts with this idea.

Kameshwar, who is a techie at heart decided to partner with Madan who had a huge inclination towards art & creativity. They decided to start Panorbit in 2015.


A one-of-a-kind solution company to bring a unique mix of tech and creative services together to solve the problems of next-gen brands in this highly evolving digital landscape.

With Varshaa joining the founding team, carrying in over 20 years of immense experience in Finance & Project Management; Panorbit grew from a software development and video content provider into an Integrated Growth Partner for brands.

Today Panorbit stands as a one-stop solution for brands looking to build meaningful relationships with their customers in digital space.


Founding Team

The right brain of Panorbit. A full-time geek and a former fashion photographer. Has ample knowledge about Robotics and AI. Loves solving problems by integrating tech and creativity. Besides work life, he still has a thing for photography.

Kameshwar Nayak

Head of Tech & Sales

The central brain of Panorbit. Another corporate biggie with over 20 successful years in the corporate world. A staunch believer-follower of Sustainable Living. Besides work-life, she’s an antiquarian and a voracious reader.

Varshaa Kulkarni

Head of Finance & HR

The left brain of Panorbit. A true master of many trades. He is always trying to get brands and consumers on a “Healthy Content Diet”. A qualified Engineer turned into a writer, designer, filmmaker and marketer. When he’s not working, he is busy voicing his opinions about current affairs.

Madan Kumar M

Head of Creative & Marketing