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Essential and yet local – sourced with just a simple app

Connecting the hyperlocal businesses to their customers is the main objective of Twine, making a platform that is accessible and easily usable by the businesses as well as their customers. Everything from daily milk delivery to newspaper management will be tackled with a unique approach to connecting business with their customers in continuous interactions.

Our Plan

A mobile app was developed for the customers to interact with the business and maintain their deliveries and a multi-functional web app was created for vendors and businesses to manage their orders comprehensively end-to-end.


The front end has the easily portable and platform agnostic REACT powering it along with HTML, CSS and JS for the web application. The back end was a more functional Python application case with ease of deployment being the primary focus.



A bright and attractive design language was developed for a functional and delightful UX – fully equipped with customizable menus as per the requirements of individual businesses. The vendor side web app has a focused functional UX that isn’t flashy but rather provides ease of use and management.




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