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WeShare Now

A truly positive social media

The client – one man with an excellent record as an exceptional sportsperson wanted to look at the internet social space as a more wholesome and positive experience – from this vantage point we took up the project of building the WeShare Now App. When former Arsenal and Swiss footballer Johann Djourou brought us the problem, we understood exactly where he stood at approaching the project, a man with a background of team spirit and discipline wanted to lend these admirable qualities to the internet social space too! WeShare Now was born.

Our Plan

Right from the development of the logo, which is a relook at the huddle that every team does before hitting the field, to streamlining the entire functioning of the social aspects of the app were designed by us. Taking the idea from scratch to completion.

Considering the main aspect of the project was to create a social space involving active participation in challenges created by influencers, we had a very new challenge on our hands!


For a smooth and scalable product that could be developed in a platform agnostic approach – REACT was used to code and this resulted in a robust, smooth and quick turnaround for the development process.



The design was entirely in line with a community driven social media with the means of building up the community being influencers and celebrity based online challenges. This required a clean interface and we went with a minimal approach. The final iteration was a simple, clean and intuitive interface.

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