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Rapido Miniature Ads

The Mini Version of Big Struggles Solved


Create awareness for Rapido brand and sell its different USPs like economical, faster travel, vernacular availability and Doorstep pickup.

Strategic Thought

Consumers in cities complain about getting stuck in traffic and the high costs of cab services. We wanted to show them bike taxi as an alternative, by showcasing each USP of Rapido, within 6 seconds in order to achieve greater reach at a lesser cost.

The Creative Idea

To stand out and make the brand recall easier within 6 seconds, we decided to use a miniature version of the city and vehicles to convey the message in a rich and visually appealing way.

Target Audience

18 to 35-year-old tier 1 and tier 2 audience. The videos were shown as ads on Youtube and in-app ads through Google Adsense. The ad also played in apps like Facebook, Instagram(feed/stories) and Snapchat.


Increased brand recall on digital platforms. The overall campaign was able to gather 20 million impressions across different platforms.

Rapido Miniature Ads


Impressions across all platforms in 60 days

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