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Meet New Players

Ad Campaign for Playo


To create a quirky brand image of Playo and increase the download of the app.

Strategic Thought

The main complaint of the target group was they couldn’t find players to play sports. We wanted to solve that by placing the brand of Playo as “Tinder for sports” while establishing one of the important features of the app that is, “Meet new players around you.”

The Creative Idea

Show a relatable character trying hard to get his lazy friend to play badminton with him but the friend isn’t interested at all. So, he gets the idea of using Playo and finding a player who is interested to play. This new player then pops into court replacing his friend.

Target Audience

22 to 35-year-old people working at corporates, who will find it difficult to get a partner to play sports with. This video was shown as ad in Youtube and in-app ads through google Adsense. This video was also shown in cricket stadiums during IPL.


User acquisition costs reduced by 34% on IOS devices and 23% on Android devices. And monthly user retention increased by 15%. The click to download ratio was 84% for this ad.

Meet New Players


Reduction in user acquisition costs


Increase in monthly user retention


Click to download ratio

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