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DB Portfolio

Destroying the Perception of the Boring Stockbroker!

As a virtual stock market simulator for beginners – DB Portfolio is aimed at making the stock market approachable for beginners to get an in-depth understanding of the functioning of the stock markets. Primarily targeted at the youth in helping them take the first step towards financial independence.

Our Plan

The MO was to enable beginners to play with data from BSE and delayed data from NSE for a hands-on beginning to their venture into investing and understanding the stock market. A platform that does not just function as a training area, but rather a content sharing medium too was put in place so the users are completely in the know in new trends and news in the stock market sphere.


The front end was completely developed using HTML, CSS and JS (for web) and the backend was worked with on Python creating the easily deployable platform.



Targeted at a user base that doesn’t have a background in the stock markets, keeping the UX accessible for them was of primary importance – but it should not deviate too much from the experience they are expected to find in the actual investment scenarios. A careful balance had to be struck.




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