Shouldering the Dream of Inclusive India by 2030

‘Is it a crime to think of making India inclusive by 2030?’ VR Ferose, Head of SAP Engineering Academy, asked himself sometime back in 2010. India Inclusion Summit (IIS) is the brainchild of the question Ferose had for a long time.

Disability in India

According to the latest data available, the number of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in India stands at 26.8 million. The prospects of this number being a huge underestimate are very large. The different kinds of obstacles PWDs face every day in our society limit their education and economic opportunities.

Only 1.2 million among the estimated 26.8 million graduated, further reinforcing the fact of denied opportunities. The lack to access to basic facilities such as ramps, signs for accessibility features, braille signings and much more shows how far we are from realising the dream of Inclusive India by 2030.

Remember what WHO says about Disability. ‘Disability is part of being human. Almost everyone will temporarily or permanently experience disability at some point in their life.’

About IIS

India Inclusion Summit (IIS) was initiated in December 2010 with the mission of ‘Building a world where no one is left behind’. The IIS strives to spread awareness among the Indian society to make India more equitable and more inclusive.

IIS serves as the platform to celebrate unsung heroes and facilitates connections between the passionate community of people who share the same passion of making India and the world inclusive. One of the visions of IIS includes bringing corporate partners within the ambit of IIS, paving way for reservations for PWDs in organisations.

IIS and Panorbit

We at Panorbit got introduced to the larger-than-life goals of IIS and VR Ferose through a mutual friend Vilas Nayak, world famous speed painter, in 2016. We provided our capabilities to shoulder with IIS in their vision and mission of making India inclusive. We put in hours of volunteering work in the public awareness domain of IIS.

As part of this ambitious partnership, Panorbit was incremental in developing the website ‘everyone is good at something’. We provided IIS with website and communication solutions and was handing IIS’ Social Media Communication for more than a year. We have also aided IIS with our technical capability throughout the year.

Get a glimpse of some of the works we brought out on our proud partnership with IIS.

The annual India Inclusion Summit happening in Bengaluru since 2010 comes under the corporate awareness part of IIS. Corporate partnerships are forged to join the mission of ‘Making India Inclusive by 2030’. Every year, IIS offers ‘The Inclusion Fellowship Program’, enabling entrepreneurs working in the disability space to find network with potential investors and partners.

Voices of Volunteers

My initial thoughts centered around how I was worrying and complaining about many inconsequential things in my life, while PWDs I saw in IIS were pushing limits and proving people wrong. Exploring more of the empathy within me was my biggest takeaway in being a part of Panorbit’s association with IIS.

Sandeep Iyer
Asst. Director

Voices of Volunteers

The thing that blew my mind in my stint with IIS was the innovative minds in the disability space that are working hard to make India more inclusive. I got to know more about sign language. I also unlearned some preconceived notions and took one step closer to playing my part in making India inclusive by the end of this decade.

Naveen Kumar
Video Editor

The famous African Proverb, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ captures the spirit with which IIS and Panorbit have been working together for the last 6 years. There are miles to go and promises to keep, which we would hope to fulfil by 2030 in leaving no one behind!