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An opportunity to present a redefined Vilas Nayak to the world

With an objective to strike a complete transformation to an existing website for the world-renowned artist and speed painter Vilas Nayak, we successfully brought a refreshing digital outlook. We imbibed his values and translated it into a modern, visually appealing website that accurately reflects the artist’s style and showcases his talent to the audience. A modern UI/UX design, impactful content and an E-commerce portal to see his artwork easily was developed.

Scope of the project

Digital Strategy

UI & UX Design


Testing and Deployment


Identifying and delivering the artist’s unique brand persona to carry his existing fan base and develop new ones was a particularly exciting challenge that we undertook in this project.


1. Developing a new digital strategy

To start, we conducted a thorough analysis of the artist’s current digital presence and identified various areas of improvement. Upon identifying key audiences, we then developed a new digital strategy that focused on creating the artist’s real-life personality into his digital brand persona, character and tone of voice through the website to his fan base.

2.UI & UX Design

The existing website was outdated and did not reflect Vilas’ personality. We designed the UI/UX to be modern, visually appealing, and easy to use. We placed a strong emphasis on the artist’s artwork, using high-quality images and a minimalist design to showcase his talent. We wrote powerful content that reflected Vilas’s passion for art and his humility.


Using the modern UI/UX design, and content, we developed a new website. We used WordPress platform to allow for easy content management and scalability. We also ensured that the website was mobile-responsive and optimized for performance.

4.Testing and Deployment

We deployed the website and ensured that it was accessible and easy-to-use to all Vilas Nayak’s audience across the globe.

Site Map

Information Architecture


Blueprint of the website

Style Guides



Regular    Bold    Italic

Poppins typography is defined as one of the typefaces that are part of the Sans-Serif style. It is a typography that is mainly characterized by being geometric in its forms, although it also falls within the profile of sans-serif or sans-serif fonts.

Playfair Display

Regular    Bold    Italic

Playfair Display is an open source typeface created by the Danish designer Claus Eggers Sørensen, who based his design on the Baskerville. Playfair is ideal for logos, especially in italics, because of the high contrast between its thick and thin lines.

Color Palette

Primary colors

Secondary colors

Website Showcase

The website has been designed to have a horizontal scroll instead of the normal vertical scroll which gives its a unique design which is better for wide content such as images, maps etc, simplifies the navigation and engages more users.

Other Screens


  • The website allows Vilas to reach a global audience, expanding his customer base.
  • E-commerce functionality provides easy and convenient purchases of Vilas’ artwork, increasing sales revenue.
  • The website serves as a platform to promote Vilas’ performances and showcase his artistic skills.


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