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Discovering New Partnerships through Sports

Playo served as the one-stop-solution for sports enthusiasts who were facing difficulties in finding partners to play with. The need of the hour was to build a quirky brand image for Playo among the target audience and increase app downloads. The challenge for the combo Playo x Panorbit was to get this done in a way that establishes Playo as not just an app to find sports arenas, but an app to make new friendships and partnerships.

Scope of Work

Campaign Strategy




Target Grouping

The target group for Playo #MeetNewPlayers campaign was the corporate employees in the age group 22 to 35. Playo wanted to make the solution known to its target audience who found it hard to find players/partners to play sports with.

We at Panorbit proposed the solution modelled around ‘Tinder for Sports’. The creative idea facilitated Playo to reach not only the app screens of its target users but also their hearts.

Playo Customer Persona


We at Panorbit wasted no time in narrowing down the creative concept note to take Playo to their audience. The idea centered around the real struggle of the target group in contention – not able to find interested players to play with or rather stuck with their uninterested friends.

Trivia time. Our social group has friends from both the ‘want to play’ and the ‘uninterested’ categories! Which side are you on, though?

The tagline ‘Meet New Players’ entered the chat among our creative crew. The new age thought was to not just bring partners together to play sports but to also initiating friendships and partnerships.

Film Production

Film House of Panorbit took hold of the creative idea and started scripting work, fleshing out the characters and situation.

MicrosoftTeams-image (189)

The scene begins with a sports enthusiastic friend dragging his uninterested friend to the Badminton court. Well, our uninterested friend was trying his best to help his friend with his passive aggressive badminton strokes. Of course, the uninterested friend was lacking sleep, distracted, hungry and yes, needed some selfie time at the Badminton court.

Our sports-enthusiastic friend reached the limits of tolerance and then the magical solution appeared in the form of Playo. Playo helped him to connect with a random yet interested player, or rather an interesting player (even after the game was over)!

MicrosoftTeams-image (190)
MicrosoftTeams-image (191)

Production and post-production works brought the creative idea to customers’ screens. Austrian composer Johann Strauss II’s famous waltz, ‘The Blue Danube’ added to the peppy vibes of the ad. Albeit there was no need for dialogue, two hearts were bonding over sports at the end of the commercial with their eyes and they got a sports partner to play with too, cementing Playo’s USP!


The video was shown as a YouTube ad and an in-app ad through Google AdSense. The ad was also played in cricket stadiums during the time of IPL.

The video garnered over 3M views on YouTube. As a result of this lively and youthful ad, user acquisition costs were reduced by 34% on iOS devices and by 23% on Android devices. There was a considerable increase in the monthly user retention rates and the click-to-download ratio skyrocketed.

Meet New Players


Reduction in user acquisition costs


Increase in monthly user retention


Click to download ratio

The #MeetNewPlayers Campaign was not just for players around cities, it was also destined for Playo’s partnership with Panorbit.