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Bringing Rapido to Your Doorsteps

Rapido came up with the perfect solution for urban audience who were struck for a long time in city traffic. They brought bike taxis as an alternative for solo travelers who were availing cab services. Wonderful idea that many people thought of but made feasible by Rapido. The challenge in front of Rapido x Panorbit was to make the availability of Rapido Bike Taxi reach a wider audience.

Scope of Work

Campaign Strategy

Ad Film Production

Original Music Composition

Target Grouping

The target group for the intended campaign was split into 3 major segments. This included,

  • 1. Young women
  • 2. College Students
  • 3. Corporate Employees in the initial years of service

Customer Personas were drafted for each major segment in the target group of audience. The quicker travel offered by bike taxis in urban traffic compared to existing 4-wheeler cab services was taken as the common USP binding the 3 major segments under one target group.

Rapido 1
Rapido 3
Rapido 2


Once the target group was finalised, the creative minds of Panorbit came up with innovative concept notes for each major segment. Quirky taglines were added to the sticky situations the characters found themselves in.

The situations featured,

MicrosoftTeams-image (195)

A Runaway Bride (Rachel Green was proud, we heard!)

The tagline ‘Kabhi Bhi, Kahin Bhi’ was conceived when we put ourselves in the dire situation the bride was facing at the intense moments of pre-wedding trumpet blows.

A college student who was late for his exams (we know, right?)

The tagline ‘Late for Exam? Stay Calm’ was the same mantra we said to ourselves every time we feared when we might miss the exam due to our all-nighters.

MicrosoftTeams-image (196)
MicrosoftTeams-image (197)

A corporate employee late for his date(who can blame him though?)

‘Don’t be Late. Save Your Date’, the advice we gave to our friends came just so naturally to fit the creative idea.

Film Production

The creative concept notes brought out by our marketing team were taken over by the film production unit of Panorbit. The scripting work was on, which included defining situations in detail, fleshing out all the characters and crafting dialogues, followed by storyboarding.

The production began with casting, keeping in mind the relatability Rapido has got to offer the target group. Shooting, followed by post-production saw the original music composed for the campaign blend into just the perfect campaign Rapido was looking forward.

The Runaway Bride

The scene was an unhappy bride realising that she doesn’t want to get married at the last moment possible. We have a super cool friend by her side suggesting running away from the marriage. When the bride asks the big question about how to do it, there comes the answer we were all waiting for. #GoRapido.

Late for Exam College Student

We have a college student with solid evidence indicating his midnight study shenanigans realising all that might go waste since the time is up for exam. To make matters worse, he misses the college bus too. There comes the saviour in the form of his neighbour who suggests the student exactly what we were suggesting to him since the ad began, #GoRapido.

Late for Date IT Employee

The scene depicts an IT employee who might be late for a date that is probably going to change his life. When the doors of the lift called destiny take time to open, there lies the messenger in security duty. He conveys the message that saved the IT employee’s date and who knows, maybe later ‘Save the Date’ too! #GoRapido.


The videos were shown as YouTube ads and in-app ads through Google AdSense. The ads also played through Instagram feed and stories, on Disney+ Hotstar during 2019 Cricket World Cup and on TikTok.
The ads were a hit, especially the ‘Runaway Bride’ among women and raked a combined 19M views on YouTube. The brand awareness among women availing Rapido Bike Taxi services shot up with increased engagement and app downloads.



Increase in app download




Increase in subscription

The #GoRapido ad campaign was Panorbit’s way of staying true to the tagline we came up with.

Kabhi Bhi, Kahin Bhi.