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Project Overview

FINPoint was conceptualized with the intent to bring technology that empowers the Indian unorganized business sector. By enabling entrepreneurs (from rural areas too), with the best inventory management tool/software and digital logistics put in an approachable package, FINPoint – our very own product was successful to support seamless business operations using technology to its aid.

A simple-to-use billing and inventory software for small businesses, with the help of FINPoint we wanted rural businessmen to learn and follow new-age digital methods of billing and inventory management.

Scope of Services

Usability Research

User experience &
interface Design

Product Architecture

& Backend Development

Testing & Validation




Enabling the unorganized sector with accessible technology

Digitization of Inventory management and logistics is still a major concern for the rural strata of the Indian businesses and its commercial sphere. Considering a country like India whose GDP depends on the afore mentioned sectors, we were required to level the competition platform by empowering the technology deficient sector with approachable and accessible solutions.

Lack of digital literacy

The dominance of computers, internet penetration and technology adoption by the business and service sector in India has seen an exponential rise in the past two decades. But there was an evident lag of digital literacy in the rural demographic. Its complete adoption required more than just the usage of computers and internet resources. A lot of benefit could be drawn from technology that is made exclusively for them.

Unorganized sector

A considerable section of the businesses and the revenue generated in India is dependent on unorganized business practices that are functional through traditional methods of logistics and management. A level of structure using technology was required to empower these businesses.

No one point solution for POS and Inventory

A large number of businesses don’t benefit from the internet and digital solutions to bring all their processes under one proverbial roof – contributing to the unorganised nature of these enterprises. Just bringing the PoS solutions and inventory management in a single package would consolidate structure for a majority of these businesses.

Accessibility to the internet

Although internet penetration to a lot of these demographics is picking up pace, incentivizing quick adoption of digital services was pertinent. This would contribute to expediting the provision of internet technology to the more remote locations of the country.


The first step was to understand the current process of small-scale businesses. The application was not just a systemic change rather, it was a behavioural change. We interacted directly with the shops and sat at the billing counter for 3 weeks to understand the current system effectively.

Using the learnings from current user behaviour and working with the industry experts, we managed to devise a simplified solution that offers an easy transition for the users from on-ground to a completely digitized mode of functioning

1.  Offline support and functioning were of prime importance. We had to build the module in such a way that the applications work without internet while the data being synced to the server regularly.

2. We built a desktop application on Electron while the backend was done on Python Django.

3. The application was entirely hosted on AWS.

4.An android application was also devised to ensure the stakeholders are updated on-the-go, ensuring smooth transition from previous modes to a completely digital mode of functioning.

Success Story


Simple and easy to understand UI/UX

FINPoint tackled the lack of digital literacy by providing an intuitive and easy to understand UI/UX. Training was also provided, which contributed to the smooth introduction of internet technologies to this distinct section of the target demographic.

Offline invoicing

Internet deficient sections were given a lot of emphasis with the option of offline invoicing and operations. Connectivity being unstable in a lot of the locations where Finpoint was deployed, offline functionalities had to be devised that could run without many interventions from the users.

Support in local languages

An immense amount of focus on approachability to technology was given with respect to providing support and learnings in local languages. Getting the Target Group into the digitization sphere required our direct intervention and support, with us explaining and educating them on the nitty-gritty of the internet age, safety being of prime importance.

Integrated platform for POS, inventory management, and store dashboard

PoS (Point of Sale) device support that connected seamlessly with the logistics and operations, enabling single point interactions. And combined with an easy to approach and use factor, FINPoint was designed with digital accessibility in its core.

Mobile app for decision makers

An easy-to-use mobile app for the decision-makers was provided, ensuring availability of the majority of core capabilities of effective business management.


Very simple tool that can be used by computer illiterates too.


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