Meet New Players

Commercial Campaign videos for Playo

Playo is an android/iOS app that is a one-stop destination for sports, fitness, fun and all things recreational. Through this app, you can book courts when you want, where you want with just hourly fees, without the hassle of memberships to clubs etc.

This was the second time Playo approached us for their ad campaign and we were visibly excited. They wanted a 30 sec ad about the ‘Host a Match’ feature where users could meet new players to play sports.

We wanted to up our commercial game by working on the visuals & the storytelling this time. So, we made sure we chose a location with green shades and the actors wore white clothes to match the visual identity of Playo. For the storytelling part, we created a concept which could be further shortened into 10-second ads once the main spot became popular.

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