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Film Editor

Film | Full-time

3+ years of experience

We are looking for

We are looking for a Film Editor to capture the vision of the Director. The responsibilities of a Film Editor include assessing multiple hours of film, assembling footage, and meeting film deadlines. You will be working closely with our Content and Film departments.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Visiting set locations during filming.
  • Reviewing footage and selecting scenes according to the vision.
  • Trimming segments of footage.
  • Assembling and managing all the data and footages in the necessary format.
  • Collaborating with Sound Editors, Sound Effects Editors, and Cinematographers.
  • Creating film edits as per the project requirement
  • Making revisions as per the request of the Director

Key Skills

Word Press, HTML, Javascript, PHP & CSS

Required Experience and Qualifications

  • 3+ year experience in film editing.
  • Good grasp on storytelling & rhythm.
  • Strong knowledge of editing tools, techniques, and softwares
  • Hands on experience with Adobe tools (Premier pro, After effects etc.)
  • Must be familiar with camera equipment.
  • Critical and analytical skills.
  • Great patience and concentration.
  • Organizational and time management skills.

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