The Multiverse of Branding


Some brands have cast a permanent spell on us to be their potential customers in every possible universe out there. Is it their quirky copies, their identifiable logos or some kind of sorcery

Verse-Jumping with Brand

In the madness of our digital world, a product is not just a ‘product’. It’s much more than that. The iPhones are much more than smartphones, you don’t go to Starbucks just for a cup of coffee and we’re still Just Do-ing it with Nike.

Interacting with these products/services provides experiences, the kind we keep going back to relive. The interesting part is, most of the time, companies themselves build their brand on experiences they want to provide you with.

No ‘Wanda’ the brand universes are so well established.

Wong came with some Numbers

The most loved brands connect with their audience on deeper levels and those with an authentic brand purpose often captures hearts. 88% of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands, they like and support. 46% of people said that they would pay more to purchase from brands they could trust.

Every brand’s ‘Vision’ is to be:

Unique | Simple | Memorable

The Bargains

1. Defining Customer Persona

What is branding, if not customer personification? Defining a customer persona makes data processing easier with all the relevant information available in one clear location.

2. Building Brand Personality & Attributes

Picking out a Brand Archetype is like choosing the best-suited version of you from all the parallel universes out there. These provide a roadmap that enables you to accurately appeal to the right audience with a specific personality

3. Designing a Visual Identity

They say the best logos are the ones which can be drawn by a four-year old!

Brand logos are essential in the branding process. Good brand logos are those that a consumer can memorize quickly and differentiate from any other brand.

4. Establishing Brand Guidelines

Consistency is the key to achieving branding. Now, this can only be done by establishing clear and detailed guidelines. By setting the right standards and rules for your brand, these guidelines ensure brand consistency and create unified communication with your stakeholders.

Doorway to build your Brand-Verse

It’s easy to get lost in the black hole of what we call ‘branding’. It requires a cohesive involvement of multiple exciting teams to bring the best output. And that’s exactly what we offer at Panorbit!

Our sorcerers in tech, design, films and marketing verticals know how to multiply your branding strategies. Join us with our retainer plans on Design and watch the magic unfold.

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