We do these few things, REALLY WELL


  • Brand Strategy

    Brand Name, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Tone of Voice

  • Core Identity

    Brand Identity Design, Logo Design, Brand Visual Language.

  • Brand Applications

    Packaging Design, Brand Campaigns, Print Design, Space and Retail Design


Video Production

***All our videos are make under the brand name – PaperFrames***
  • Pre-Production

    Idea generation, Brand Positioning, Tone of Voice, Scripting, Screenplay

  • Production

    Casting, Crew support, Location, Logistics (Music Videos, Corporate Videos, Commercials etc)

  • Post-Production

    Editing, VFX, 2D animation, Info Graphics, Motion Graphics

Mobile Applications

  • Design

    Customised UI & UX

  • App Development

    High Performance, Fast Load Time, Scalable

  • Analytics and Quality assurance

    Performance check, security check, unit testing, integration testing and analytics integration is done to build road map for next versions based on existing data.


Web Applications

  • Backend

    Robust, secure, scalable, encrypted, high availability system development on latest technologies like python, django, etc.

  • Frontend

    User Friendly, Optimised UI/UX, Responsive, Browser Compatibility.

  • Quality assurance

    Performance check, security check, unit testing, integration testing, monkey testing, user testing helps us to delivery best quality product.


  • Design

    Industry Specific Design, UI/UX Optimisation, Design Elements

  • Development

    Mobile Compatibility, Browser Compatibility, Security, High Availability.

  • Basic SEO

    Fast Load Time, Optimized for Search.

Financial Solutions

  • Management Services

    Business Plan, Project Report & Feasibility Study, System Analysis & Recommendation, Pricing Methodology, Management & Internal Audits, Designing Systems of Cost and Management Accounting.

  • Financial Services

    Planning, Forecasting & Analysis, Cost Management & Analysis, Activity Based Costing, Target Costing.

  • Accounting Services

    Book Keeping, Statutory Accounts.