SaPa in Schools

Mini Documentary for Sapa

mini documentary for sapa by panorbit a digital marketing agency

SaPa, the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts was founded by India’s leading violinist-composer Dr. L. Subramaniam and Bollywood Legend Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam to accomplish their dream of creating a home for global music in India.

They have a programme called “SaPa in Schools” where they send their music teachers to government schools to teach the students classical music to the students there, free of cost. They wanted to make a video explaining this programme for potential schools and donors.

To make a mini-documentary captivating, we needed to make sure we tell the right story. For this, we took interviews of the principals, music teachers and students themselves to get their perspective on why they think music is integral for the children’s growth.

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