No Tale Bisi Gold Loans

Ad Campaign for Rupeek

Objective :
Make people know about Rupeek Gold Loan app’s lowest per month interest rate.

Strategic Thought :
People in cities complain about paying too much interest for their gold loans. We wanted them to know about the low interest rates on gold loans that Rupeek charges their customers. As a result we wanted to tempt the customers on choosing Ruppek over other gold loan apps.

The Creative Idea :
Each ad showcases Mr. Chandrashekhar better known as Sihi Kahi Chandru, a famous kannada actor as the brand ambassador. A photographic image him showing how simple Rupeek is.

Target Audience :
40+ year old small scale businessmen.

Results (Qualitative & Quantitative) :

Increased brand recall on digital platforms. The overall campaign was able to gather 20 million impressions across different platforms.

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