Million Dreams Cover Video

Cover Video song for Thair Saadam Band

cover video song for thair saadam band by panorbit a digital marketing agency

Thair Saadam Project is a new classical Carnatic fusion band consisting of violinist Ambi Subramaniam, vocalist Bindu Subramaniam, and iPad musician Mahesh Raghvan. For their second song as a band, they decided to cover “A Million Dreams” song from the movie, The Greatest Showman.

They wanted to make this song the anthem of SaPa School’s 10,000 Deeds Campaign. 10,000 Deeds is a campaign started by the UNICEF with the thought that each small adds to the overall greater good. So, for the video of this song, they wanted something special.

They made SaPa school’s kids come to the government school of Immadihalli and with the help of the government school kids, they painted a beautiful mural inspiring people to follow their dreams. We captured this wonderful event where kids from different backgrounds got together and made art.

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