Indian Inclusion Submmit 2017

Stories of Inclusion

stories of inclusion marketing videos by panorbit a digital marketing agency

India Inclusion Summit(IIS) is an inspirational platform that brings awareness and drives action on ground towards inclusion of people with disabilities at Corporates, Schools, Policy making bodies, NGO’s and Parent Associations.

We had worked on VR Ferose’s(Founder of IIS) personal website. He recommended us to the panel of India Inclusion Summit when they wanted media solutions for the promotions. We were so much moved by the cause that we decided to make this project our CSR contribution. We worked on a non profit model for the project and made 3 videos in total.

1. RK Video

Ramakrishnan Narayanaswamy(RK) suffered Cerebral Palsy at a very young age, which severely limited his hand and leg movements. Years later, he became the first Indian member of the International Mouth and Foot Painting Association. He has had several gallery openings all over India and even in Taiwan and Singapore.

When RK visited India Inclusion Summit 2015, he met with Ferose VR(Senior VP    at SAP) and told about his dream to meet Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Two years and many to and fro emails later, he finally met Amitabh Bachchan. We were asked to make a video where RK relived the excitement he felt meeting his hero.

2. IIS t-Shirt Video

IIS didn’t want their official IIS 2017 T-Shirt to be printed by a generic T-shirt vendor. They thought why not make it in a more inclusive way. That’s when they came across Nav Prabhuti Trust. Nav Prabhuti Trust has been working since the past 5 years to provide vocational training to around 20 young kids on the autistic spectrum.

Block printing is one of the major facets of this organization. Block printing provides a creative outlet for these kids to make merchandise such as T-Shirts, bags and various wedding cards etc. This year’s T-Shirts were hand block printed uniquely by adolescents affected with Autism.

IIS asked us to capture this story so everyone buying this shirt in their online portal will know the significance of this shirt and how in buying this shirt they have contributed to a more inclusive society.

3. Fellowship Crowd funding Campaign Video

The Inclusion Fellowship, an extension of India Inclusion Summit, is a first-of-its kind fellowship offered to entrepreneurs, artists, policy makers and anyone working in the disability space to promote inclusion.

They had an intense 5 day programme for the fellows wherein they met with many CEOs, social enterprises and entrepreneurs, thought leaders etc. For this, IIS needed a crowdfunding campaign to bear the travel and stay costs of the fellows during the Fellowship.

Hence, we made a crowdfunding campaign video where the main aim was not only to ask for funding the Fellowship but also, to express how impactful the Fellowship would be to prospective fellows.

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