India Inclusion Summit 2016

Marketing video series for the Event

India Inclusion Summit 2016 | Marketing Videos by panorbit a digital marketing agency

India Inclusion Summit(IIS) is an inspirational platform that brings awareness and drives action on ground towards inclusion of people with disabilities at Corporates, Schools, Policy making bodies, NGO’s and Parent Associations.

We had worked on VR Ferose’s (Founder of IIS) personal website. He recommended us to the panel of India Inclusion Summit when they wanted media solutions for the promotions. We were so much moved by the cause that we decided to make this project our CSR contribution. We worked on a non profit model for the project and made 4 videos in total.

1. Lunch Break

The idea behind the ad was to show inclusion through the innocence of children. In this ad, we see how the autistic kid’s friends make him feel better after he was bullied.

2. Gully Cricket

Gully cricket is something every Indian has played in his childhood. And all of us have broken neighbours’ windows in the process and gotten scolded for it. This ad shows how a bunch of kids make light of the exact same situation.

3. Iss Dewali Sabko Khush Karne Wali

This special ad was Diwali themed so that it gains more traction riding the Diwali hype wave. In this ad we see a bunch of friends coming up with an ingenious plan so that their physically disabled friend can also play with fireworks.

4. Housla - IIS theme song

Every year the IIS has its own theme song. 2016’s theme song was titled ‘Housla’ and it was sung by ‘Jai Ho’ singer Vijay Prakash. We had to make a music video for this song. In the video, we see world famous speed painter Vilas Nayak visit the Spastic Society of Karnataka(SSK) and get inspired to make a speed painting. The staff and the students of SSK were mesmerised by the end of his performance and we tried to capture that emotion in this music video.

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