Go Rapido

Ad campaign for Rapido bike app

Objective : 
Make people more aware of Rapido as the best Bike Taxi Service available and thereby increase downloads and usage.

Strategic Thought : 
Consumers in cities complain about getting stuck in traffic and the high costs of cab services. We wanted to show them bike taxi as an alternative, which can easily evade through traffic and reach their destination faster, along with reduced costs compared to other cab/auto services.

The Creative Idea :
Each ad consists of a character in a relatable sticky situation, the solution as suggested by the other character is to use Rapido. The three situations are, a bride who doesn’t want to get married, an IT employee late for a date and a student late for an exam.

Target Audience :
18-35 year old people studying in colleges and working in corporates. The videos were shown as ads in Youtube and in-app ads through Google Adsense. The ad also played in apps like Instagram(feed/stories), hotstar(during cricket world cup), and tik tok.

Results (Qualitative & Quantitative) :

The ads received more than a combined 19 million views on Youtube. With increased engagement and download.

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