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Commercial for Playo Mobile App

commercial for playo mobile app by panorbit a digital marketing agency

Playo is an android/iOS app that is a one stop destination for sports, fitness, fun and all things recreational. Through this app you can book courts when you want, where you want with just hourly fees, without the hassle of memberships to clubs etc.

A lot of people make new year resolutions to get fit. Playo wanted to tap into this demographic with an ad video. This video needed to emphasise that there are other ways to get fit other than gyms i.e by playing sports.

We didn’t want to make a video that literally asked people to not go to gyms. Instead we wanted to subtly mock the practice where people are very motivated to go to gyms in the beginning and as time passes this motivation slowly dies out because gymming is not a fun activity. This way, we wanted to tell people to instead choose the alternative.

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