Our Products

Our turn to play mad scientists and try our luck at changing the world for better. Our in-house labs and the brains working inside cooked up these cool projects. Some big, some small – all triggering positive change!

A simplified billing and inventory software for small and medium scale business – making management more manageable for the local business. Finpoint is the easiest way for businesses to track their sales, inventory and everything connected to it.

A Kannada word search game that also helps in developing vocabulary. Expressions forgotten, rare and even some unknown gems could be found in this precious game that will bring the users closer to their mother tongue or even just learn a new language.
Paper Frames
A YouTube channel to produce relevant, relatable, and sarcastic online Kannada content for the younger generations. The aim is to create entertaining and hard-hitting messages through Digital media and content.

A learning and academic management system developed for universities. The core principle is to connect the universities and big academic institution to leverage the internet effectively and to #ThinkDigital

Coming Soon..!