The rise of social media has contributed to the rise of personal stories from individuals. These stories can take any form, from Instagram or Snapchat stories to live tweeting to video vlogs. Videos are becoming the most important form of information exchange on the internet. So, how do you make a video by yourself?

Peter Mckinnon in a winter jacket posing between two buildings while sunlight fills the space.

Peter Mckinnon in action.

In this video, Peter McKinnon explains how he films himself in most of his tutorials and vlogs. Peter McKinnon has gained huge popularity on youtube with getting his first million subscribers in just 9 months. Ever since he has been producing great videos with high production quality.

He breaks it down into three points –

1) Gear that you need

  • Joby Tripod – If you’re going to be on screen, you need to mount the camera somewhere and a Joby tripod comes in handy for that. They bend, they flex and they wrap which is very convenient. If you’re using a smartphone to shoot, use a tripod that is meant for smartphones.
  • Friction Arm – A friction arm has a super clamp mount that you can use it on the table and then mount your camera on the plate. Choose a friction arm that can give you a lot of flexibility so you can mount your camera however you want to.
  • GoPro – Even though a GoPro may not offer the quality of a DSLR or any other camera, it is still a great asset when you want to get shots from weird places/angles. Especially, in places, your camera won’t fit.

2) Camera Placement and Creativity –

Find obscure, unique angles to tell your story that people don’t usually expect to give fresh perspectives or fresh takes on the story. These will keep your edit interesting to the audience and unpredictable.

This is where you show your creativity. You have to develop your own unique voice & style that people will relate to easily and identify. There is nothing right or wrong here. So get creative!

3) Pacing of the video –

Pacing is one of the most important aspects of a video. Pacing is gonna help distract the viewer from realizing that the camera is locked off on a tripod. If you have just two-three angles, and you change between them every 10 seconds or so it can get boring. Mix and match different perspectives, different sounds, background music etc. This way you can show variety in your edit and also keep viewer attention.

Get the right equipment for you, figure out what is the best way to express your idea, shoot it and edit it with the right music and right pacing and you’re done!

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