How A Chance Encounter Led To A Music Video With Vasu Dixit

What do you get when you put together a mistaken identity, an energetic crew and a deadline? The story of how we got our first music video project. It all started after the encounter that got us our first video project, Cauvery Hospital ad.

The Encounter

Kameshwar Nayak, one of our founders decided to go to the canteen at Rangayana, Mysore after the meeting with Cauvery Hospital. At Rangayana canteen, he saw an old friend of his. Excited, he went up to the friend and patted his back. Only when the friend turned around did he realize that it was someone else. A perplexed Kameshwar then apologized to the person. To his luck, that person took it in stride.

Kameshwar, being an extrovert, sat together and chatted with him. He introduced himself as Shreekanta Swamy, a percussionist who has been working in Rangayana for many years. Kameshwar got excited, back then Panorbit did not have a music composer. He asked Shreekanta if he would compose music for Panorbit. Shreekanta said that he doesn’t compose, he just played percussion for plays at Rangayana, a band called Naavu and Vasu Dixit. Having made a new friend, Kameshwar just left for home.

The Music Video Project

Months later, Vasu Dixit wanted to release the first single “Amma” from his new band, Vasu Dixit Collective. He was looking for a video production house to help with the shoot and Shreekanta suggested our name. So, late one morning, Kameshwar gets a call from Vasu Dixit asking if Panorbit would like to make a video for him. The catch was that it was that the video from concept to finish had to be done in a week to release on Mother’s Day, 2016. When Kameshwar discussed this with the team, we were all super excited. We were ready to slog day and night to get it done! It was our first music video and it was for Vasu Dixit, an artist we all admired from his work in the famous Indian Folk Rock band, Swarathma.

We got to work right away, Vasu Dixit already had an idea for the video. The song was dedicated to mothers and motherhood. It was a letter of gratitude to the hard work that went into raising kids. He wanted the video to have kids say the lyrics of the song in sign language to their deaf mothers. We loved the idea, we found a huge studio space that Vasu Dixit’s contact agreed to give us rent free. We found kids and mothers who could understand sign language from the NGO, Giftabled. Most importantly, we shot it in two days, we sat day and night and edited it in another two days. We got the video out exactly on Mother’s day and it turned out to be a real tear-jerker, loved by everyone, amassing around 250K views on Youtube.