Our first video project was from Fortis Cauvery hospital, a heart and multi specialty hospital in Mysuru, Karnataka. They wanted to run a new ad campaign for their hospital in cinema halls during the city’s world famous Dasara festival. Their request consisted of two videos.

Baby Haasini wearing a red frock among balloons acting in our first video

Baby Haasini in action.



Our research led us to 3 main qualities of a hospital that people look for. They are, how safe it is, how effective their treatment is, and how caring and responsive the doctors and staff are. Hence, we created a story for this ad that expressed these qualities of a hospital.

In the ad, we see how the hospital comes together to give the ‘gift of life’ to a little girl by saving her grandfather right in time for her birthday celebrations.

We learned a lot of lessons during this shoot. After all the meetings with the client and after we zeroed down on the story, we had to cast actors. We needed three main cast members, a kid, a lady doctor and an old grandpa(patient). For the lady doctor, we had the opportunity to work with the then model and present-day heroine Roshini Prakash. For the grandpa role, we were put in touch with veteran actor Prakash Shenoy.

The most interesting part of casting was casting the kid. We went to a Montessori kindergarten school to do the auditions. We auditioned a lot of kids and selected one. But this created a repercussion effect which we didn’t expect. One of the kids who realized she was rejected started crying and another refused to talk to us. Even after much effort, we couldn’t console those kids.

4 people posing for a phot with Baby Haasini in Kameshwar's arms.

From the left – Bhavana, Kameshwar Nayak, Baby Haasini and Roshini Prakash

As the day of the shoot was approaching, we realized the shoot would be much bigger than we initially expected. So, we called on some friends from Bengaluru and Mysuru to help us out. The shoot was in Mysuru at the hospital premises. We needed people to help us decorate the hospital, we needed a makeup artist and support staff, we had to sort out the logistics, we planned accordingly.

Then a huge bomb was dropped. The shoot day was declared as bandh(strike). Even though the hospital remained open, public services were interrupted. Our friends from Bengaluru couldn’t make it. We had to make do with who was available to us. The shoot was supposed to begin at 7 AM. Instead, the first shot was called at 11 AM. We finished the shoot by 4 PM. Food was arranged for everyone but we were busy transferring the video from the cards and recharging the batteries. We ended up not eating anything from around 5 in the morning to around 6 in the evening.

Then we had a plate of Gobi Rice each and prepared for the shoot in the night. The night shoot completed at 2 AM. You would expect us to go to our homes and drop dead on our beds, but no. We were too excited. Even in the face of such problems we completed our first project. This was only the beginning.


For this, the main intention was to showcase the amenities the hospital boasted of. Hence, the montage.

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