Videos have shown increased engagement and reach than any other format in social media. Corporates and startups have to capitalize on this in order to better their brand awareness and conversion through the use of corporate videos. Brand awareness can be both internal i.e inside the company or on social media. For both of these, the best method is to make corporate videos.

Man holding a camera rig right in front of his face.

Here’s how you can make corporate videos –

1.Scripting –

A script is the sequence of scenes in your video in written format. To make a good video you need a good script. To make a good script we need to understand the video’s intention, what content should come in it? Two of the most basic structures in a corporate video is the interview or narrated. For interview type, we can jot down the questions to be asked and the points to be said. For the narrated type we can write the complete voiceover script.

Pro Tip: Try to make your script to tell a story. This is more engaging than mere stating of facts.

2.Planning –

Once the script is ready, we can plan on who is going to be interviewed, the location at which the interviews take place and other specifics such as what costume they will be wearing. What is the tone of the video and what time the shooting happens?


There are two aspects to production, the visuals, and audio. For the visuals, we have to make sure the lighting is right in the location. Check out our blog on different lighting techniques.

For Audio, we usually use a lavalier mic that we can attach to a person’s collar or shirt. Lavalier mics are great because they capture the least noise. This is important since office locations usually have loud air conditioning hums.

To improve the visual quality of your video, check out our blog on cinematic composition.


Post-production involves editing the footages to tell your story. There are a lot of video editors out there ranging from the freely available but incredibly powerful DaVinci Resolve to the more professional Adobe Premiere Pro.

For editing, you need a good music track to hold your viewer’s attention and to provide a rhythm to your video. Websites like Premiumbeat, Artlist, Audioblocks, EpidemicSound etc provide great copyright free music.

If you have a voiceover, you need to record the voice a quiet location and edit it to the video accordingly.

If all of this is too much for you, you can always hire professional corporate filmmakers like Panorbit.