Top 5 Best Explainer Videos

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

Animated explainer videos are short digital marketing videos used to explain your company’s services or products. Usually, they are 2-dimensional or motion graphical videos created on software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. Explainer videos have become extremely popular and today almost every other company website that deals with products or services have an explainer video on the landing page or the home page or the main product page. Some websites quote that their company websites’ conversions have increased by almost 144% after including an explainer video.

The importance of explainer videos cannot be overstated you can check our blog about the same, here.

Let’s understand a little about animated explainer videos. They are fun and easy to make. They surely help jumpstart your conversions and help the best for any start-up company.  

Here are our top 5 best picks of animated explainer videos from across the globe:

1) Picniic

Picniic uses animation to illustrate how it connects the whole family on a single dashboard. It is a perfect example of why some businesses are much better off with animation rather than live action. This animated explainer video also demonstrates the work of the application like it can share calendars, set a common reminder for the whole family, search for cooking recipes, order groceries directly from the recipes and a lot more. 

2) Adobe CMO

This one is a very unique conceptual explainer video. When we say unique we mean a concept not usually seen in the explainer videos. The Adobe CMO video uses a ball and socket game to explain various services and other details while the ball travels through various sockets. In this video the ball travels through the voiceover’s explanation about the features of the Adobe CMO website.    

3) IT-Man

This one is our favorite pick and we’re sure you will say the same after watching the video. The older generation has definitely played 8-bit games like Super Mario. This video gives you the same feeling of watching a Super Mario game. The Panorama9 has used the Super Mario theme in this explainer video to explain about their various services.

4) What if we detonated all nuclear bombs at once?

Kurzgesagt is a company that relies exclusively on high-quality animation and a fabulous voice over to explain educational content. This educational video matches the voice over with good paced cutting, and the video’s color scheme fits perfectly. 

5) SAP

SAP’s explainer video uses one of its customers Mercedes McLaren’s real-time problem and gives a solution to it through this explainer video. This video again has perfectly paced cuts. This company has explained all its departments and also their work process through this explainer video.

So these were some of our best picks for ‘Top 5 Best Explainer Videos’.

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Cannes Lions Winners of 2019 (2 From India!!!)

It is that time of the year again when more than 11000 delegates from over 90 countries gather to celebrate the best of creativity in brand communication, discuss industry issues, and network with one another. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (formerly the International Advertising Festival) is a global event for those working in creative communications, advertising, and related fields. Advertising and creative communications industry considers this to be  the largest gathering.

Each year these winners inspire us with their super-creative ideas. Here are some of the winners and their ideas that we loved from this year’s Cannes Lions Festival 2019:-

1) The Open Door Project

Less than half of India’s children from 6-14 ages go to school. To curb this, FCB Ulka created ‘The Open Door Project’ for The Millennium School. The way this works is, regular kids finish their classes by 2 PM every day. Post that this private school opens its doors for the underprivileged kids in its surroundings and gives them free education. Within a couple of months of launch of this campaign, The Open Door Project gathered participants from almost 55 schools across the country. An earned media spend of nearly 11 Million Rupees. And most importantly, underprivileged children received quality education and a chance to better their lives.

2) Project Free Period

‘Project Free Period’ is a campaign with a very unique concept video. A survey shows that sex workers get their days off from work only when they are in their periods. 

Keeping this in mind DDB Mudra created a campaign video for Stayfree which showed prostitutes expressing their views on periods. The campaign also showed people from Stayfree and Prerna (NGO) teaching the prostitutes taking their days off due to periods, some skills to earn a living from. This video indeed highlighted two taboos of the Indian society Periods and Prostitution. 

Project Free Period has fuelled unprecedented conversations with reach soaring at 2.2 billion and counting. Global and international media networks have accelerated our momentum. Project Free Period as of today, has a network of over 11,200 students across the country. These students have helped transform over 100,000 period days into days of skilling.

3) The Whopper Detour

This one’s our favourite pick from this year’s Cannes Lions 2019’s winners. ‘The Whopper Detour’ is a super-creative campaign started by the famous food chain ‘Burger King’. In this campaign ‘Burger King’ turned their biggest competitor Mc Donalds’ restaurants into touchpoints of their campaign. They invited every consumer within 600 feet’s distance from any Mc Donalds to order a 1-cent Whopper through the new Burger King App. FCB New York created the video for this campaign by Burger King.

This campaign yielded an ROI of 37:1. Besides that this campaign also brought an overall 33% increase in mobile customer base and also brought a $15 million increase in projected sales for the following year.  

3) First Shave

Proctor and Gamble created the ‘First Shave’ video campaign. P&G sells widely famous products like Gillette, Ariel & Oral-B. Grey Canada created the video for this campaign. In January, Gillette had launched a campaign ‘We Believe’ where they showcase 4 transgender men having their first shaving experience and sharing their stories, along with their families.

Gillette was falling behind as a brand unable to cope up with its new age competitors. But this campaign went viral and it catapulted Gillette from a brand no one was paying attention to, to the #7 most meaningful brands of 2019.

4) Changing The Game

When it comes to common luxuries like gaming or partying, differently abled people are always marginalized. So Microsoft created an adaptive Xbox controller for differently abled person to enjoy video games just like anyone else could. This video showed real differently-abled gamers using the Xbox adaptive controller and competing in mainstream games.


The campaign received extensive press coverage over the days with over 635 placements. Social reach was unprecedented for Microsoft, garnering support from gamers, fans, and celebrities. The Xbox Adaptive Controller leveled the playing field for 33 million gamers with disabilities. McCann created this video for Microsoft. If you too want to create a video like this then check out our other blog ‘4 easy steps to make corporate videos’

5) Nike Dream Crazy

For the 30th Anniversary of “Just Do it,” Weiden+Kennedy created a campaign for Nike which was led by Colin Kaepernick, the controversial NFL quarterback who knelt during the national anthem to protest police brutality, at the risk of being fired by his team. Millions including celebrities praised the campaign for being on “the right side of history”.


The “Dream Crazy” campaign celebrates inspirational athletes that have pushed their sports forward. The campaign immediately ignited debate across the country and throughout the world. The campaign saw Nike’s stock price rise to an all-time high and created $6 billion in brand value, making it the most successful campaign in the brand’s history.

6) The Lion’s Share

We as advertisers know that animals sell things. They appear in 20% of all global advertisements. Over $118 billion is spent on advertisements that feature animals every year. While animals are thriving in advertising, they’re suffering in the real world. 60% of the animal population has been wiped out since 1970. The Lion’s share is an initiative that encourages brands and organizations using images of animals in their marketing to donate 0.5% of their media spend to the Lions Share trust. With the help of the United Nations Development Programme, the money is then dispersed across the world, to save species from extinction, preserve wildlife habitats and look after animal welfare. This campaign video was made by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne for Mars Inc.

So these were some of the winners and their ideas from this year’s Cannes Lions 2019 that we found astonishing and meaningful. 

We at Panorbit, ourselves being a techno-creative digital agency, would like to make such out of the box and effective marketing strategies for you. Check us out at