Work Stories #4 – When Children taught us about Social Harmony

A Sunday morning, the sun shining brightly in the sky. Happy faces all over. Children from the SaPa School of Music and the government school of Immadihalli are getting their hands dirty. We are running around trying to capture everything.

A boy in school uniform with an Indian Flag painted on his face for Panorbit Video Production House

Let me give you a little context. SaPa, the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts was founded by India’s leading violinist-composer Dr. L. Subramaniam and Bollywood Legend Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam to accomplish their dream of creating a home for global music in India. L Subramaniam’s children Ambi Subramaniam (an accomplished violinist himself) and Bindu Subramaniam (vocalist) head the SaPa institute here in Bangalore.

Thair Saadam Project

On the other hand, Mahesh Raghvan is a Carnatic fusion artiste with a very diverse repertoire across radio, television and digital media. Mahesh Raghvan, Bindu, and Ambi Subramaniam have come together to form a new band, “Thair Saadam Project”, literally meaning Curd Rice Project. This is a funny take on the fact that all of them are of Tamilian descent.

After the success of their first song as a band, (the cover of Coldplay’s “Something Just Like This”) for the second song they chose to cover “A Million Dreams” from the movie The Greatest Showman. They wanted to make this song the anthem of SaPa School’s 10,000 Deeds Campaign.

The 10,000 Deeds Campaign

A world without poverty, hunger, with gender equality and full sanitation. Seems utopian doesn’t it? But those are just some of the goals of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations in 2015. The SDGs cover social and economic development issues including poverty, hunger, health, education, global warming, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, urbanization, environment and social justice. To drive action on these goals the students from the SaPa School of Music have taken the “10,000 Deeds Pledge” to show that every deed counts. No deed is too small.

The Idea for the Music Video

Girl in SaPa T Shirt painting Million Dreams mural for Panorbit Video Production House

The initial plan was to shoot the video like any cover song where the artists just perform the song on screen. But, a song filled with such meaning had to have a video that showed the purpose behind the song. While brainstorming with the band, they came up with the idea that the students of SaPa School should paint a wall mural for the video. At the same time, we were making a mini-documentary for SaPa about their SaPa In Schools programme. We had visited a couple of government schools for the same. It was there that we got the idea that the children should paint on the wall of a government school with the students from that school. Now, that would be the perfect set up for the video.

The Lesson on Unity

Everyone posing together for Panorbit Video Production house.

On the day of the shoot, we set off to the government school of Immadihalli and reached there by 5 in the morning. The plan was to first get the shots of the musicians performing. The students would come by later to paint the wall. The sun rose on the east side. As the golden hour passed by, we finished the shooting of the musicians. By eight o clock, the students of SaPa came along with their parents. We had the drawing teacher from SaPa help the students to make the mural.

The moment the children of SaPa started playing with the paint and applying them, the government school kids started gathering around them. They started getting curious and slowly, they joined too.  The SaPa kids started teaching them a classical song and they started singing it. What was beautiful about this shoot was we got to see, the kids from so many different backgrounds come together through art. They were singing together, painting together and playing together. We, along with the musicians even got to play football with the kids. Obviously, within 5 minuted we were out huffing and puffing and gasping for breath.

The shoot ended at around midday. We were all really hungry and exhausted. We planned to go to a pizza place at the nearby Forum Value mall and celebrate the successful shoot.

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Work Stories #3 : In the vast wilderness beside River Kaveri

Om Shantidhama is a Vedic gurukula situated near Mekedaatu on the banks of river Kaveri(around 90km from Bengaluru). It provides educational, medical and spiritual services to all people without any discrimination on grounds of caste, creed, color, religion, language, nationality etc. No one will be denied the opportunity to acquire knowledge is the philosophy of this institution.

5 students in white indian religious attire walking.

They wanted a corporate video for their school highlighting the various facilities of the school. This was all new territory for us, so in order to understand them better, we took a one day trip to the campus. What we saw had us completely stupefied. We came back, wrote a script for the video and set out on a two-day trip to shoot for the same.

A silhouette of a child drying his towel in the sun.


We left early morning at around 4:00 AM. That’s all we remember, because a minute after we got into the taxi, all of us were snoring. When we reached at around 8, we were given shacks to live in. These shacks were built with bamboo shoots and tiles for a roof. It wasn’t very secure but we did feel closer to nature than ever.

We got ready and set out to get the shots for the day. The school has a sprawling campus that has the majestic river Kaveri river flowing through, gardens that are filled with herbs and flowers, quaint buildings with tiles, hills with luscious greenery and peace. The peace that could only be achieved being far away from the chaos of the city. In short, a lot to be covered in the next two days.

We went around getting beautiful shots of the scenery and of the students in the school. We got shots of the facilities, interviewed a bunch of people from the organization. It was a hard day’s work. In the evening, we had an early dinner that was cooked in the school mess. There were hammocks outside our rooms and we spent hours there relaxing and planning tomorrow’s shoot.

Students in the garden planting a plant.


We woke up early morning at around 5, got ready to go the hill viewpoint from which we could see the sunrise. The climb to the viewpoint wasn’t a hard one but the pebbles and stones in the path kept us extra careful of our equipment. Once we reached the summit we kept our cameras pointed at the direction of the faint sun rays and waited. Waiting for the sun to rise from in between two mountains, whose base had a river flowing through with houses on the banks of the river was a scenery way too familiar for any Indian, but still, it was a treat to see.

The view of the hills from a hilltop just at dawn.

Afterward, we got down and took shots of the morning prayers, yoga, and other activities. The whole day was spent getting shots of the facilities in the school, the labs, their classes, their talent show, the whole shebang. In the evening we had to take shots of the kids playing. This was the final shot of the day. The kids were playing lagori, cricket, and other games we played in our childhood. Moments later, we were playing with the kids. Who can resist a trip down nostalgia lane?

Finally, we packed our bags and got back into the taxi. In the two days, we had become so friendly with the kids that it was hard to leave them. When we were leaving our taxi was mobbed by the kids. All, we could do was tell them we’d be back. Such assurances!

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Work Stories #2 : A chance encounter led to a music video with Vasu Dixit

What do you get when you put together, a mistaken identity, an energetic crew, and a deadline? The story of how we got our first music video project. It all started after the meeting that got us our first video project, Cauvery Hospital ad.

Vasu Dixit in a blue shirt, singing in a bus with his guitalele.

Vasu Dixit’s surprise performance in a bus.

The Chance Encounter

Kameshwar Nayak, one of our founders decided to go to the canteen at Rangayana, Mysore after the meeting with Cauvery Hospital execs. At Rangayana canteen, he saw an old friend of his. Excited, he went up to the friend and patted his back. Only when the friend turned around did he realize that it was someone else. A perplexed Kameshwar then apologized to the person. To his luck, that person took it in stride.


Being an extrovert, Kameshwar then sat together with him and chatted him up. He introduced himself as Shreekanta Swamy, a percussionist who has been working in Rangayana for many years. Kameshwar got excited, back then Panorbit did not have a music composer. He asked Shreekanta if he would compose music for Panorbit. Shreekanta said that he doesn’t compose, he just played percussion for plays at Rangayana, a band called Naavu and Vasu Dixit. Having made a new friend, a happy Kameshwar just left for home.

The Music Video

Months later, Vasu Dixit wanted to release the first single “Amma” from his new band, Vasu Dixit Collective. He was looking for a video production house to help with the shoot and Shreekanta suggested our name. So, late one morning, Kameshwar gets a call from Vasu Dixit asking if Panorbit would like to make a video for him. The catch was that the video from concept to finish had to be done in a week to release on Mother’s Day, 2016. When Kameshwar discussed this with the team, we were all super excited. We were ready to slog day and night to get it done! It was our first music video and it was for Vasu Dixit, an artist we all admired from his work in the famous Indian Folk Rock band, “Swarathma”.

9 people from the crew of the music video shoot taking a group selfie.

The crew behind “Amma” shoot.

We got to work right away, Vasu Dixit already had an idea for the video. The song was dedicated to mothers and motherhood. It was a letter of gratitude to the hard work that went into raising kids. He wanted the video to have kids say the lyrics of the song in sign language to their deaf mothers. We loved the idea, we found a huge studio space that Vasu Dixit’s contact agreed to give us rent free. We found kids and mothers who could understand sign language from the NGO, Giftabled. The shoot was done in two days, we sat day and night and edited it in another two days. We got the video out exactly on Mother’s day and it turned out to be a real tear-jerker, loved by everyone, amassing around 250K views on Youtube.

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