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Videos are the in thing right now. Every major company in the world is investing on video content from Apple to Twitter. So, how can a startup or a corporate tap into this resource to improve their brand? Here are a few different videos that your company can produce.

1. Product Explainer Videos

An effective way to communicate how your products work is through a video. Explainer videos give you the freedom to explain each of the features with vibrant colors through 2D motion graphics, infographics, 3D rendering and live-action video.

A couple of years ago, we made a motion graphics explainer video for SAP where we explained the various roles in their company.

2. Tutorial Videos

Many companies have orientation/training week for freshers where employees teach newbies of the technologies and ethics of the company. This can also be achieved through interactive tutorial videos.

For the folk music band Swarathma, we made a tutorial video where their lead guitarist Varun taught the Guitar tabs of their most famous song, Pyaasi.

3. Corporate videos

Corporate videos encapsulate a huge umbrella of video works that can be done in a company. But when you say corporate video, the first thought that comes to your mind is a video which explains their work and their mission along with that a glimpse into the work culture, etc. These videos are generally used to showcase the company to prospective employees, investors, donors etc.

We had the pleasure of making one such video for the Vedic School known as Om Shantidhama situated on the banks of river Kaveri near Mekedatu. By the way, check out the story behind this video shoot(we stayed in the jungle).

4. Showreel videos

Showreel is a montage containing examples of all the work of a company be it services or product based. Showreels are used to showcase their portfolio to prospective clients, investors, etc. They say a picture says a thousand words. Similarly, you could explain a lot with one showreel instead of having to verbally explain each and every project you’ve ever completed.

Check out our Showreel-

5. Commercial videos

Commercials are a great way to capture public attention. Beginning with the audio ads on radio, they evolved to TV where the visual component was added. Now, with the advent of social media and the rise of the 6 sec & 15 sec ads, commercials have become more relevant than ever.

Here’s a 30 sec commercial we made for Playo for their new year campaign. Playo is an app that allows you to book courts and meet players to play sports.

6. Crowdfunding videos

When Kickstarter launched in 2009, they changed the course of innovation forever. Before, if someone invented a product he had to either sell the patent to a manufacturing company or invest in the manufacturing himself. With crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, everyone who had a great idea and promised to execute it could get investment from the public. With that rose the demand for explainer videos specially designed for crowdfunding campaigns.

India Inclusion Summit is a platform that creates awareness on mental and physical disability. We created a crowdfunding campaign video for them for their 2017 Fellowship programme.

7. Mini Documentary

A mini-documentary is a documentary typically 5-15 minutes long which consists of a montage of interviews and visuals about a particular topic. These are great to showcase customer/employee experiences of using a service, to tell interesting stories of the impact of a company or present case studies.

India Inclusion Summit helped foot painter Ramakrishna Narayanaswamy to achieve his lifelong dream of meeting his idol, Amitabh Bachchan. We captured the retelling of that story through a mini-documentary.

8. Event after-movie

An Event after-movie is a short recap of an event such as a conference or a fest or any such event. These include visuals from the event as well as interviews where we capture the essence of the event as well as its story.

India Inclusion Summit holds a 7-day Fellowship programme every year where they train young upcoming entrepreneurs in the disability space. Here’s an after movie of the programme.

Here’s how you can make a video yourself. Or we could help make videos for you, do get in touch with us.