A young girl with a cloth shabbily wrapped around her head.

Corporate videos don’t have to just be videos that advertise a company and its brand in a corporate formula. Here are 5 great corporate videos which are genuinely funny and/or genuinely inspiring.

1.Teach for India – What we do

This is a great video example of how an NGO can pitch to the public about what they do. In this video, you can see what TFI(Teach for India) does from the perspective of the kids, the parents of the kids, teachers, volunteers, and staff.

2.Babajob – A Step by Step introduction

Babajob, an online job portal for Blue Collar jobs wanted a video to introduce their company to the general public. They didn’t want a formal interview type of video. What resulted was a quirky, funny and Wes Anderson-esque take on the corporate video.

3.Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club has one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns. This was made possible because of their Kickstarter campaign video which delivers the required information in such a funny way that it went viral.

4.Google – Shaza’s Story

Google is famous for its customer stories. One such story is that of Shaza, the high school kid who built a machine learning app over her summer holiday to detect plants and any disease affecting the plants.

5.Apple – New Beginnings

Apple wanted to spread the joy of coding to anyone who wants to get in on it. Hence, they made a video where everyone participating was asked two simple questions. What was the first code they wrote and how it felt when their code ran successfully? With such positivity, they will inspire you to start coding too.

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